Saturday, December 20, 2008

South India

Hello! Just a short update because we don't have long internet access. But, I wanted to say that we had an excellent visit to Agra, Delhi and out to Western Rajasthan. We had so much fun, and mom got to meet so many people who hold a very special place in my heart and experience in India. I'm excited to put up the photos asap. We traveled by overnight train from Jaipur to Jaisalmer with Erik. This was a crazy experience, as we were waitlisted (which I didn't realize until 3 hours before the departure time) so we had to get to the station early, I had to push my way to the front of the line to get confirmed seats. Then, we realized we only got 2 confirmed seats and were supposed to share one berth for sleeping. And, not only that, but our car was FULL OF 7-9th grade school boys!!! Yeah, crazy! And, the train was freezing and about 3 hours late. But, we made it and had a great reception from Maga Ram, shared delicious meals at his home, Vimla-ji, Surjan-Ram-ji and Khushal came to meet us, and it was great. And then, it RAINED IN JAISALMER!!!! CRAZY!! After Jaisalmer we headed to Lathi to Vimla's house. FANTASTIC TIME! Then after an overnight we went to Pokaran and then to Phalodi. Mom and I had a fun shopping excursion with the women of URMUL in Phalodi. Then a great send off from Phalodi and another night train to Jaipur. A few hours in Jaipur, a great meeting with Dr. Meeta Singh at her home, then a bus to Delhi, overnight in Delhi, then 430am wakeup and transport to airport and flight from Delhi to Chennai. Now, we are in Chennai. It is so different than North India. For one, its hot here now! Palm trees are everywhere, people look and dress different, different language, everything. We are excited to explore South India for a week before heading home. Sorry this is a rambling mess of a message, but I wanted to give a quick recap. More details and photos to come.
Love to all and happy holidays. May everyone have a blessed and peaceful Christmas shared with the ones you love.
Love from Hannah and Sue Ann

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