Thursday, September 18, 2008


Some photos from our drive from Delhi to Jaipur.  The first photo is of the service and call centers that are being built up like crazy outside of Delhi.  There are tons of buildings and apartment buildings all of which have been built in the past few years.  The next two photos are trucks during the drive.  The one that is across the road, really was across the road blocking up traffic for a long time.  I think one of the tires fell off.  As you can see in the picture of the other truck, vehicles are decorated here.  Everything from the rickshaws to semis have pictures, streamers, designs, religious symbols, and lots of bright colors. The next two photos are in Jaipur-the first is the old city palace and the second inside the walled "Pink City."  The women in the foreground of the old fort photo are wearing traditional saris.  The old fort was built in the 10th century, the Pink City in the 17th century and we currently live in the 20th century part of Jaipur.  

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