Monday, September 8, 2008


Akshay suggested that we keep track of the food we have at our house, as a way of learning new Hindi words and also remembering the food that we especially like so we can ask for it when we want to eat it.  This entry will be updated as frequently as possible.

Day 1:
Choorma (traditional sweet), Pani (water) 
Ginger chai (tea with milk and spices), Biscuit (little cookies)
Papita (papaya)
Dinner: Aaloo paratha (potato chapati)
Dahi (yogurt) (for me)
Neebu ka achar (picked lemon) (for Rachel)

Day 2: Ginger chai (for me) and neebu chai (lemon black tea) (for Rachel)
Nashta (breakfast): Kela (banana)
Mausami (type of orange)
Bread butter (toast with butter)
Dopahar ka bhojan (lunch): Aaloo gohbi (potatoes and cauliflower with spices)
curry chaval (rice and curry)
roti (chapati bread)
Ratri ka bhojan (dinner): Paav bhaa ji (vegetables with toasted buns and butter)

Day 3: Ginger chai and neebu chai with biscuits 
Nashta: Pyaaj aur biriye (sprouts and onions)
mausami (type of orange)
kela (banana)
Dopahar ka bhojan: chapati
arbi (type of potato)
chai, biscuits
Ratri ka bhojan: rayta (curd with water, spices and grain)
missi roti (barley chapati)
daal chabal (rice and lentils)

Day 4: chai
Nashta: sive (apple)
South indian dish (I forgot the hindi name right now)

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